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Brent David - Songwriter - Singer - Lost On Kresahtik - The Brent David Project

Brent David

Lost On Kresahtik

In 2001 I visited Ukraine for the 1st time. Over the next 17 years, I would spend many days and weeks there, working, being with friends, and falling in love.

In 2016 I started on an adventure that would reveal my true love --- making music. Over the next 2 years I would spend many hours in a small recording studio in Kiev with Pavel, Max, Josef and Sergey from Art-Brilliance. Together they helped me find my voice, while collectively finding our sound.

It took many trips - summers, winters - and many hours fighting amongst ourselves before we finally got something we were all proud of. Some songs came easy. Others took endless revisions, but each song brought me closer to fulfilling a dream.

Lost On Kreshatik is truly a labor of love, and a testament to my life and the special people who have been part of it. Each song has unique meaning and is a reflection of the emotional rollercoasters we all go through on a daily basis. I hope as your listen to these songs that emotions are stirred and beliefs challenged. God Bless.